Revival Updates up to 08/09/2017

All Bug Fixes and mod up-dates will be posted here
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Revival Updates up to 08/09/2017

Postby Naris » Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:22 pm

You can see commits at:
However, I probably should post the updates I have been doing:
*Updated for many TF2 & sourcemod changes since before
*Fixed sc webapp to work at the new site and set it as the servers motd
*Disable ProtossProbe:RecallStructure if remote is not loaded
*Cleaned up and refactored ResourceManager to allow dependant pugin to function without it (provide fallback code in the .inc)
*Fixed hgrsource (hook, grab, rope) use for Omegalisk Tentacles, Phoenix Graviton Beam, UAW Swing Shift & Hook
*Fixed grabber not working due to OnGrabPlayer() & OnDragPlayer()
*Added additional logging to debug grabbing and dragging
*Fixed adminmenus using PlayerOwnMax instead of PlayerOwnsMax
*Turned off tracing in RateOfFire and TerranReaper
*Cleaned up includes and defines in hgrsource
*Added TF2_GetPlayerConditionString() to
*Added hgrsource_grab_team, hgrsource_grab_decloak & hgrsource_grab_spys convars to hgrsource
*Moved team and TF2 condition checks from SourceCraft Races (ZergOmegalisk & ProtossPhoenix) to hgrsource
*Fixed orphan beams being left behind when a tripmine goes off
*Fixed tripmines
*Changed Tripmine:SetTripmine() to return true or false depending on if a Tripmine was actually set.
*Added sm_tripmines_max_total convar to set a global max number of tripmines allow to active at the same time.
*Renamed sm_tripmines_maximum to sm_tripmines_max_per_client to be clearer and consistent with the new sm_tripmines_max_total convar
*Changed ResetPlayer() to Resize the shopItem array for a player if it's too small
*Changed Admin menu to give a player an item to check the item's max count so it can give a player more than 1 item for items the player can have more than 1 of.
*Only call OnPlayerHurtEvent() & OnPlayerAssistEvent() for valid clients
*Only call OnentityHurtEvent() * OnEntityAssistEvent() for entities that are not valid clients.
*Added Tracing to ZergDefiler & ProcessEntityHurt() to debug server lag issue reported by Milky when Engineer with Consume enemy uses their wrench on buildings
*Added obj_sentrygun, obj_dispenser, obj_teleporter, obj_attachment_sapper, tf_zombie & tf_robot_destruction_robot to sc.entity.phrases.txt & GetEntityName()
*Changed GetOwnsItem() & SetOwnsItem() to perform range checking on the shopitems array.
*Increased DB Columns for short fields to VARCHAR(32) to match the SHORT_STRING_LENGTH
*Added unique indexes for: sc_items.item_name, sc_races.race_name, sc_upgrades.race_ident+upgrade_name
*Fixed upgrades added in RaceComplete() using the race's short name for the upgrade short name
*Default g_bSaveUpgrades = true
*Fixed Tome of Experience by allowing for items that have an unlimited (-1) max quantity.
*Also added support for item not being available by setting .max=0
*Changed tome to set .max=UNLIMITED
*Add theplayers number of races to the race menu title
*Fixed packages not tracking the originating client correctly.
*Packages will now drop when someone has more than 50 energy
*Packages will not contain energy unless the victim has more than 25
*Packages with only energy will use the crystal ball model.
*Added notification when someone drops a package
*The upgrade menu will now show an intermediate menu with the description of the upgrade before applying the upgrade (similar to the shopmenu)
*Added show_upgrade_info config setting to enable/disable showing the upgrade info when upgrading
*Added min_energy_for_package config setting to set the minimmum amount of energy to create a stand alone package.
*Added min_energy_in_package config setting to set the minimum amount of energy to place into a package
*Added Display_Package Display setting bit to allow package messages to be enabled/disabled by players
*Added config options:
**show_disabled_races to enable/disable showing unavailable races in the race
**race_menu_threshold to set how many races before the race menu groups them by faction
*Add the players number of races to the race menu title
*Fixed ShopItems (Orb of Fire, Orb of Frost & Claws of Attack) not working
*Changed AlreadyOwn phrase to PlayerOwnsItem, which is used in the code.
*Changed packages to have a max energy and the max_package_energy config setting
*Renamed min_energy_for_package to req_package_energy and min_energy_in_package to min_package_energy
*Changed ShopItems Orb of Fire to not call TF2_IgnitePlayer() if the attacker_index is invalid
*Modified UpgradesInfo_Upgrade() to show all additional info about an upgrade in a single MenuItem when in UpgradeMode (being used to upgrade).
*Make say commands case insensitive
*Added separated game and display settings menus
*Added missing phrases (ChangeGameSettings & ChangeDisplaySettings)

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