The servers are almost back to normal. There have been a few bugs here and there but most if not all of them are fixed.

If you need access to teamspeak and you are a JFH Member, add your teamspeak Unique ID to your profile. Click here to edit your profile
The script runs once an hour to add users to teamspeak.

Financial backers have been given the ability to change their skin color on server 1. Just use the sm_admin command. More enhancements will be added once we figure out what we can add without affecting gameplay too much.

Rubies mod has not been loaded yet. It was a custom made version of rubies and we lost the code. One of the admins may possibly have a backup of it however it will need to be redone slightly to go with how we have the server setup now. I would like it to use admin flags instead of a random database table for verification.

We have a little bit of extra space on the server for one more server. We have been tossing the idea around of having a game of the month or week or however long we feel. Just to try out random interesting things. Maybe one week it will be a tf2 jump server. Maybe another week a terraria server. Or maybe some other random game like dystopia. Possibly a beta of a game that’s not out yet. The longevity will be driven by how many people are playing. If the server is dead we will change it.

We are aware sourcemod is having issues. The lead developer of the sourcemod server has been working on fixing the issues. Feel free to hit up an admin on our Teamspeak server if the map needs to be changed. We have added more admins to help with this and other things.