8374169ecded33805d4d291a59b71d80-d3a3kjfWe mentioned in the previous news article that there may be a surprise coming in the near future.  Well, it is back… SourceCraft!  The mod developed by -=|JFH|=-Naris, that so many players lovingly referred to as “SourceCrack” because of its addictive game play.

First of all, what is SourceCraft?

SourceCraft is a modification of Team Fortress 2, although it can be applied to other games as well.  It is based largely on StarCraft 1 and 2 Universe, with a few exceptions.  It does not directly modify any of the core game mechanics or classes, but instead allows players to choose a race to augment the class they are playing with new and enhanced abilities.  For example, some races have movement rate improvements which allow them to run faster or increase damage output, and some add damage absorption (armor).  Others add completely new abilities, such as a grappling hook or a jetpack.  No one race is the best and each player must decide what fits their play-style the best.

Next, how do you play?

As mentioned, all classes are unmodified, which means when a player joins for the first time, they play their chosen class as they would on a normal TF2 server.  As they play, they gain Experience points and Crystals which allows them to level up to a new race and spend their crystals to augment their race abilities.  Most upgrades work for any chosen class, though some have restrictions which are typically stated in the ability or are obvious.  For example, one race has an ability that allows a medic to charge the uber faster.  Obviously, that ability does not effect any other class, while damage enhancers will help with every class.  Also certain upgrades require energy that automatically accumulates over time.

SourceCraft, in all its glory, does a lot of unusual and unexpected things.  Some engineers can carry their built functioning sentry guns while firing, some spies can run as fast as a scout and cloak for a lot longer than normal, and medics often charge ubers quicker.  Just about anything can happen.  You have been warned!

Although the mod is up and running on Server#1, -=|JFH|=-Naris is still in the process of fine tuning it, so you may see some changes while the process continues.  Any obvious issues or glitches may be reported here on the website in the appropriate forum topic.

The FunHouse hopes everyone enjoys the SourceCraft Mod which almost certainly will bring an enhancement while you are trading as well.

The NewTrade server #1 (SourceCraft)