I totally agree with this article.  Time to bring back the Fun!
MvM is stagnated

It is too easy, it isn’t fun, chances are you will lose money, you will meet trolls, you will meet lousy players, you will get frustrated. All for playing the same things over and over again. If I wanted items to come at random, I would buy crates and keys. At least I don’t have to play 2-3 hours of some boring, overplayed game before getting the drops.

MvM has a lot of potential, but the lack of new content makes it ridiculously easy and boring – and Valve doesn’t even try to release new challenges. Instead of creating expert (or harder) missions, we are back to Advanced with 2 Cities and Mecha, and that’s how it looks like things will be from now on (when we get 1 update every 1 year or so).

Nowadays, the metagame is all about finishing missions quickly, which makes everything even more boring. Build ubercharge on the sentrybuster? Check. Give all the crits to the demo? Check. Giants instantly destroyed by demo or spy? Check. Tank and crap bots are too easy, making everyone else’s job really irrelevant and boring? Check check check.

I really miss the time where most of my team had no idea what to do and neither did I. That was when MvM was new and fun. I have no idea what it is now – it can hardly be called a game, and it is certainly not entertaining.

The worst part is: MvM will never have a chance of renewing itself with community made maps, because people only play it for aussies. So even if someone creates a fun, different, amazing new map, no one will play it unless Valve adds it to the official servers and puts some kind of item reward alongside a mission. And, since Valve never does that and very rarely releases new maps themselves, well, MvM will hardly ever become fun & challenging again.